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Is Suing A Third-Party Right For Your Case?

The trusted team at Levy Law Offices will leave no stone unturned when it comes to your workplace injury case. We understand that your livelihood may depend on your ability to be physically fit and able. If you are a construction worker or work in other physical roles, suffering a workplace injury can impact every aspect of your future.

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We aim to get you financial relief as quickly as possible. Our passionate lawyers will fight for maximum compensation to get you the money you deserve. When workers’ compensation will not cover your claim or the insurance companies refuse your claim coverage, we can look at third parties that may be responsible.

We Develop Aggressive Lawsuit Strategies

If you are facing a workplace injury in the Greater Cincinnati Area, there may be one or more third parties responsible for your pain and suffering. This is especially useful when your workers’ compensation will not cover future lost wages, damages or the emotional impact of an injury.

Do not wait to reach out if your situation involves:

  • A work-related car accident
  • An injury on another party’s property
  • Slips, falls or trips caused by a property owner’s negligence
  • Being a subcontractor under a general contractor
  • Safety violations
  • Labor law violations

We can help with many workplace and construction accident situations. Our Ohio lawyers look at the case from every angle and use our more than 30 years of experience to our advantage. We know how the other side thinks — and we have successfully fought back against them.

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If you are not adequately compensated through workers’ compensation or wish to seek a third-party lawsuit against another company, we have the experience to get you quick results. Call 513-655-5089 or request a free attorney consultation online. Se habla español.