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Posts tagged "Motor Vehicle Accidents"

2019 Brake Safety Week set for September 15 to 21

Every year, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance holds a weeklong brake inspection spree in Ohio and across the U.S. For 2019, Brake Safety Week has been scheduled for September 15 to 21. Roadside inspectors will be stopping commercial motor vehicles at random in the effort to enforce federal brake safety regulations.

AAA report looks at tech-related distractions

Older Ohio drivers may be at greater risk while using in-vehicle technology than their younger counterparts. A study by the University of Utah and the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that drivers who were 55 to 75 were distracted for several seconds longer than drivers who were 21 to 36. AAA says that looking away from the road for two seconds can make a driver twice as likely to have an accident. This could simply involve changing the radio.

Study: women 73% more likely to be injured in front-end crashes

Women are more vulnerable than men when they are involved in front-end collisions, according to a study published in the journal Traffic Injury Prevention. In fact, a female's risk for injury is 73% higher than a man's. In particular, Ohio residents should know that women run double the risk for lower-body injuries, especially to the spine, abdomen and legs.

Fourth of July is top holiday for DUI deaths

The Fourth of July is the quintessential summer holiday for many Ohio residents, with huge numbers of people going to family barbecues, hitting the beach and enjoying community fireworks celebrations. Unfortunately, a study finds that Independence Day is also the deadliest holiday for drunk driving fatalities across the nation.

Experts call for mandatory hair test for drug use among truckers

Drug use among commercial truck drivers is a widespread issue. Ohio residents should know that cocaine, opioids and marijuana are the three drugs that truckers test positive for the most. Since drugged driving is impaired driving, this trend may have been contributing to a rise in trucking accidents.

Summer is dangerous for teen drivers

The period between Memorial Day and Labor Day is dangerous for teen drivers on Ohio roads. This is because roads and highways will be busier with inexperienced motorists traveling to parties and vacation destinations. Parents are encouraged to teach their kids about how to stay safe while on the road. For example, parents should talk about the dangers of texting and driving at the same time.

Driving drowsy as dangerous as driving drunk

The dangers of driving while drowsy are more widely recognized in Ohio and across the country, but new data indicates that people still commonly drive when they're too tired. According to a survey by AAA, nearly a third of respondents said they had driven at least once in the previous month while they were so tired they had trouble keeping their eyes open. It is possible that prescription sleeping pills are contributing to the problem.

Carmaker aims to defeat drunk driving with technology

Many people in Ohio have good reason to be concerned about the dangers of drunk driving. In 2017 alone, 10,874 people were killed across the country due to car accidents caused by drunk drivers. Public awareness campaigns and intensified law enforcement activities have all come in response to the drunk driving threat and aim to prevent further roadway fatalities. One automaker is looking in a different direction to find a technological solution to the problem of drunk driving.

Study finds drivers engage in many distracting behaviors

Some Ohio drivers may disapprove of others using cell phones while driving, but it might not stop them from doing so themselves. This was one of the findings of a survey conducted by Root Insurance, a company that gives discounts to drivers who set aside their phones while driving.

AEB systems on 2017-2018 Nissan Rogues malfunctioning

Ohio readers may be concerned to learn that the automatic emergency braking, or AEB, systems on some 2017-2018 Nissan Rogues appear to be malfunctioning, according to an automobile safety group. As a result, the vehicles could come to a sudden emergency stop and cause a serious car accident.

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