The roads were fine.

And then they weren’t.

That rapidly changed scenario is sometimes jarring for Ohio motorists in locales spanning the state as winter serves up its annual reminder that driving conditions are never static.

As abruptly changing as adverse roadway conditions sometimes are, though, motorists going about their business on streets and freeways crisscrossing the state can never be truly surprised by suddenly altered – and often dangerous – traffic conditions. Winter is an annual rite of passage, marked centrally by heightened roadway risks.

Those were certainly evident last week, given the rash of storms that occurred in wide pockets across the state and reduced driving to a white-knuckle experience for legions of drivers.

That suddenly imperiling reality spawned multiple crashes and mass pileups in corridors across Ohio. Sadly, too, the materially bad weather also caused motor vehicle crashes that resulted in injuries for a number of drivers and passengers. Tragically, two deaths were reported in separate accidents.

It is sometimes the case that weather-linked crashes and collisions yield adverse results even when drivers are doing their utmost to exercise behind-the-wheel competence.

It is also true, though (and repeatedly verified by empirical data) that driver negligence plays a key role in tragic traffic outcomes. Drivers speed and/or tailgate. They carelessly swerve across lanes. Some drive drunk. Others drive with one hand on the wheel and the other busily engaged with a cellphone.

Injury victims who have suffered from the indifferent or flatly negligent driving behavior of another motorist are often empowered by taking timely and aggressive legal action in the wake of a motor vehicle accident. A personal injury lawsuit can often secure maximum compensation that recoups medical expenses, rehabilitation outlays and lost wages, and also helps in many other ways.

Questions or concerns regarding any aspect of a motor vehicle-linked personal injury can be directed to a legal team with a proven record of advocacy in this important practice area.