Ohio residents who get into crashes may have to deal with a very common side-effect known as whiplash. However, while people may know about it, not many actually understand it. We at Levy Law Offices will explain just how devastating a whiplash injury can be.

Whiplash injuries are caused when the neck makes a whip-like motion, snapping back and forward suddenly. Sports injuries or car crashes are among the top causes for this trauma. Some people treat whiplash injuries as if they are all light injuries that may not even need treatment from a doctor.

Unfortunately for you and other sufferers of whiplash, the degree of severity can differ depending on numerous factors. Whiplash injuries can be problematic enough to cause constant nerve pain or even permanent damage to the nerves. Sufferers may be faced with burning sensations, the feeling of needles, phantom pains, or numbness in certain areas.

Even your motion could be affected. Some sufferers of whiplash find themselves unable to move their neck, shoulders, or head as freely as they once could. This can be due to the pain and stiffness that typically results from whiplash injuries, along with muscle cramps and eventually potential atrophy from lack of use due to favoring the pained areas.

If you find yourself suffering from whiplash injuries after a crash, consider taking a look at our web page, linked here. You can learn more about the steps you need to take to identify and treat your injuries. Additionally, you can look into compensation options to help you pay for the costs of any medical treatments you may need.