When you get behind the wheel of a car to drive, you reasonably expect that you’ll safely reach your destination. There is always a certain amount of risk involved in any type of travel, even as a pedestrian. However, if you adhere to Ohio traffic laws and safety regulations, you improve your own safety and the safety of those who share the roads you travel. Then again, you can’t control another person’s behavior, which means your risk for injury increases if a reckless or negligent driver is nearby.

Even a minor car accident can result in injuries that have long-lasting consequences. Physical pain and discomfort are definitely not the only damages suffered by most accident victims. Your injuries in a car accident may necessitate taking time off work, which can lead to employment problems, as well as economic distress. There are numerous injuries that frequently occur in vehicular collisions. It is a good idea to document any symptoms you have and to seek medical attention, as needed.

If you suffer neck discomfort

If another vehicle hits you, you might toss around inside your car like a rag doll. The sudden impact and jolting forward or in all directions may cause whiplash injuries. Such injuries are not always immediately apparent. That’s why you should return to the doctor days, even weeks, after a car accident if your neck, shoulders or back start to ache.

Trouble breathing or chest pain

If you have difficulty breathing or any type of chest discomfort, it warrants further medical examination. There could be many underlying causes, some of which can be life-threatening. You may have cracked a rib, fractured your collarbone or have a tiny puncture in a lung that is causing your symptoms.

Torso pain is often a sign of serious, internal injury

Any type of torso discomfort in the aftermath of an auto accident is definitely a symptom you do not want to ignore. This is often a sign of serious internal damage, such as kidney problems or injuries to your spleen, liver or other major organs.

When physical injuries spark financial crisis

You may be one of many Ohio workers who receive hourly wages. If you miss work, maybe you don’t get paid. Even if you earn a salary, however, post-accident medical expenses, time off work, car repairs and other issues can cause financial distress you may not be prepared to meet. There is a system in place that allows you to seek financial recovery for your losses against a negligent driver deemed liable for your injuries.