Drunk drivers remain an all too common problem on Ohio roadways. However, there are several things sober drivers can do to help protect themselves and others from impaired drivers. By following some tips, it may be possible to avoid alcohol-related collisions, injuries and fatalities.

First of all, drivers should be on the lookout for common signs of drunk driving. These signs include driving in the center of the road, weaving around, making turns that are too wide, almost hitting other vehicles or objects and driving on the wrong side of the road. Some alcohol-impaired drivers are also brazen enough to openly drink while behind the wheel.

When drivers encounter a suspected drunk driver, they should take evasive action, blow their horn and flash their lights. If it is safe to do so, they should call 911 and report the incident, giving the exact location of the impaired driver and a description of the vehicle. Traffic safety experts say that drivers should not attempt to stop a suspected drunk driver. If they choose to follow the impaired driver, they should keep a safe distance and follow all road rules. Drivers can lower the risk of being injured by a drunk driver by wearing their seat belts and avoiding driving after midnight, especially on weekends.

When drunk drivers cause motor vehicle accidents, they can be sued for any injuries that result from the crash. For example, with the help of an attorney, an injured victim could file a personal injury lawsuit against an impaired driver seeking compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, property loss and other accident-related damages. An injured victim could start the lawsuit process by scheduling a consultation with an attorney. Legal counsel could evaluate the case and explain the best legal remedies available.