Distracted driving involves more than cellphones, navigation systems and other modern devices. Sometimes, a driver is simply distracted in their mind. They may be sleepy, grappling with a personal dilemma or lost in deep thought when they should be paying attention to the road.

There are certain actions that serve as red flags. Things like sudden braking or acceleration aren’t the norm, and fleet management systems are now available that will allow for tools like driver coaching or video monitoring to trigger when these types of events occur.

Fatalities on the nation’s roads are on the rise, and there could be a link between the rise in the use of technology. With so many opportunities for drivers to become distracted behind the wheel, companies must be prepared for the costs associated with the motor vehicle accidents that result.

One way a company can prepare is to invest wisely in preventive tools to keep drivers safe and keep distracted driving from occurring in the first place. Artificial intelligence is capable of learning a driver’s habits as well as recognizing dangerous scenarios. This can alert drivers and their superiors of potential dangers before they become problematic.

The costs associated with distracted driving are high. Although drunk driving is indeed cause for concern, impaired drivers usually do attempt some type of corrective action although it’s often taken too late. When a driver is distracted, they don’t see the danger until it’s too late and nothing can be done. This can make the costs associated with distracted driving more of a concern. A personal injury lawyer may be able to help accident victims hold the liable parties responsible for paying victims’ medical bills and other expenses.