Many of the cars and trucks driven in Ohio include an assortment of safety features. Even so, there’s always the risk of human error and outside factors that can contribute to collisions. In some cases, it’s the vehicle itself that doesn’t offer sufficient protection in the event of an accident. Insurance loss statistics compiled by the Highway Loss Data Institute, or HLDI, shed some light on which particular cars and trucks are most likely to be associated with crash-related injuries.

In general, smaller and lighter cars tend to be associated with the most frequent medical and injury claims following motor vehicle accidents, which isn’t surprising given the basic laws of physics. According to HLDI stats, it’s four-door micro cars that have the highest claims frequency when all models are considered. Mini cars and smaller four-door cars have a slightly lower claims frequency although the numbers are still fairly significant.

Among specific models, smaller compact vehicles are associated with the most frequent injury claims. One possible factor contributing to this result may be that such cars are often preferred by younger, less experienced drivers. On the flip side, SUVs and large pickup trucks have the lowest claims frequency scores according to the HLDI. Sports cars also have a lower frequency of injury claims. This is likely because such vehicles are usually driven fewer miles. They also usually have a single passenger along for the ride instead of multiple passengers.

While vehicle size and type can play a role in motor vehicle accidents, this is only one of several factors that a personal injury lawyer typically considers. For instance, an attorney may also consider the driving history of any negligent parties and results from accident investigations or reconstructions. In some cases, issues specific to the way a vehicle was manufactured may also be considered.