It’s nearly summer and that means kids will soon be out of school; people will be spending more time outside; there will be barbecues, parties and vacations. 

While all this should be fun and relaxing, a person’s entire summer — and life — could be turned upside down if they are seriously injured in a slip-and-fall accident. Unfortunately, summertime is a time when these types of accidents can be common, so it is important for everyone to know risks and make an effort to prevent them.

What are the risks?

While snow and ice often present slipping hazards in the winter, the following conditions can present similar hazards in the summer.

  1. Wet floors – Rain, sprinklers and swimming pools are common elements of the summer. And water can be a serious hazard, even when there isn’t much of it. It can make nearly every type of floor slippery and dangerous.
  2. Obstacles in walkways – Kids might leave toys scattered around outside; restaurant owners might have extension cords strewn about the ground on outdoor patios; property owners might not clear debris out of stairwells adequately. These can all create obstacles that people can trip over, especially if there are also issues with the condition of the flooring and lighting.
  3. Playground equipment – Whether in the neighborhood park or in a person’s backyard, playground equipment can present a threat to people’s safety. They could be poorly maintained, improperly built or otherwise unsafe to the children playing in or around them.

Preventing these accidents

Property owners can prevent many of these accidents by quickly addressing any potential threats to visitors’ safety. This can include replacing broken lights, putting up wet floor signs and ensuring stairwells and walkways are clear. Failure to do these things could make a property owner negligent.

If a slip-and-fall accident does occur and you or a loved one suffers serious injuries, it can be crucial to consult an attorney to assess your legal options. In cases where a property owner failed to take the necessary measures to prevent an accident, you may be eligible for compensation for your damages.