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Are you suffering the consequences of car accident injuries?

Many dangers exist on Ohio roads, and if you are a crash victim, the consequences can be severe. Even if the accident caused no fatalities, you probably experienced physical trauma and mental distress. Even minor accidents can cause catastrophic injuries.

It is essential to go for a medical evaluation or examination after any accident, regardless of the severity. The sooner you receive treatment for injuries, the better. The shock and heightened adrenaline level could convince you that you are fine, only to discover hidden injury symptoms later.

2019 Brake Safety Week set for September 15 to 21

Every year, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance holds a weeklong brake inspection spree in Ohio and across the U.S. For 2019, Brake Safety Week has been scheduled for September 15 to 21. Roadside inspectors will be stopping commercial motor vehicles at random in the effort to enforce federal brake safety regulations.

The special focus of the 2019 inspection spree is on brake hoses and tubing. These components must be attached the right way, be without leaks and have a certain amount of flexibility; otherwise, they will cause problems with braking. The reason for an inspection spree centered on brakes is clear when one considers some statistics.

AAA report looks at tech-related distractions

Older Ohio drivers may be at greater risk while using in-vehicle technology than their younger counterparts. A study by the University of Utah and the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that drivers who were 55 to 75 were distracted for several seconds longer than drivers who were 21 to 36. AAA says that looking away from the road for two seconds can make a driver twice as likely to have an accident. This could simply involve changing the radio.

This was one of the tasks the 128 study participants were asked to perform. They also texted, dialed phone numbers and navigated using technology. Some systems are more complex and confusing than others, but the head of traffic safety for the AAA said this is a problem with design and not the age of users. Everyone could benefit from streamlined, easy-to-use IVT. However, the AAA's recommendation is also that IVT should only be used by drivers while they are driving if there is an emergency.

Study: women 73% more likely to be injured in front-end crashes

Women are more vulnerable than men when they are involved in front-end collisions, according to a study published in the journal Traffic Injury Prevention. In fact, a female's risk for injury is 73% higher than a man's. In particular, Ohio residents should know that women run double the risk for lower-body injuries, especially to the spine, abdomen and legs.

It appears that many automotive safety tests do not really produce data that's specific to women. Crash test dummies are almost always modeled on men, with some of them modeled on men who served in the military some 50 years ago. The female crash dummies are often merely smaller versions of these dummies.

A car accident may cause you an invisible injury: A brain injury

You managed to walk away from your car accident not long ago, and you couldn't be more grateful that you are still alive. Perhaps the other driver struck your motor vehicle due to distracted driving, thus leaving you with injuries that you may not have been aware of in the immediate aftermath of the crash.

The fact is that not all of your injuries may be visible. The accident might have also caused you an unseen injury -- a traumatic brain injury. Fortunately, you have the right to seek compensation for this type of injury if someone else's negligence caused you to suffer.

Dog bites mostly caused by small number of breeds

Dogs may be man's best friend, but that does not erase the fact that these pets are still animals. Even dogs that seem to be well-trained and friendly can suddenly attack with little to no warning. Children are especially vulnerable to dog bites, and while any type of dog can turn violent, some breeds are more likely to attack than others.

Recent research from Ohio State University's Wexner Medical Center determined which dogs are most likely to bite children. The study specifically focused on dog attacks that resulted in bites to children's necks and heads. This research is particularly important for parents who want to keep their children safe, as bites on these areas of the body can cause permanent disfigurement, eye loss and other severe consequences.

Fourth of July is top holiday for DUI deaths

The Fourth of July is the quintessential summer holiday for many Ohio residents, with huge numbers of people going to family barbecues, hitting the beach and enjoying community fireworks celebrations. Unfortunately, a study finds that Independence Day is also the deadliest holiday for drunk driving fatalities across the nation.

For the study, researchers at auto insurance comparison website Value Penguin analyzed federal crash data between the years of 2010 and 2017. They found that 23% more motorists died on the Fourth of July during that period of time than the average amount of people who died on six other major U.S. holidays. In addition, they found that DUI deaths were 57% more likely to occur on the Fourth of July than on other summer days.

Experts call for mandatory hair test for drug use among truckers

Drug use among commercial truck drivers is a widespread issue. Ohio residents should know that cocaine, opioids and marijuana are the three drugs that truckers test positive for the most. Since drugged driving is impaired driving, this trend may have been contributing to a rise in trucking accidents.

The U.S. Department of Transportation requires all truckers to undergo urine analyses. However, according to a study from the Alliance for Driver Safety & Security, urine analyses alone fail to identify 9 out of 10 drug users. This is where hair testing comes in. The DoT accepts hair testing as an optional add-on for the hiring process, and many trucking companies offer it as a result. Together, the two tests are more effective.

Summer is dangerous for teen drivers

The period between Memorial Day and Labor Day is dangerous for teen drivers on Ohio roads. This is because roads and highways will be busier with inexperienced motorists traveling to parties and vacation destinations. Parents are encouraged to teach their kids about how to stay safe while on the road. For example, parents should talk about the dangers of texting and driving at the same time.

Furthermore, teenagers should never be allowed to drive when they are tired or if they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. This is also a good idea for adults who plan on driving. Unfortunately, there may be more drinking going on during summer get-togethers. As teen drivers tend to be less experienced, it may not be safe for them to drive at night or with multiple passengers in the car with them.

Not all car accident injuries are immediately evident

For most people in the greater Cincinnati area, any car accident is traumatic, even those that do not cause visible injuries like broken bones and bleeding wounds. Many physical and psychological problems can still originate from these instances because adrenaline can cover up pain and shock, and you might have a mental fog that makes it difficult to focus on your overall well-being. Due to these reasons, it is typically not a good idea for motor vehicle crash victims to decline a trip to the hospital.

Some crash-related injuries could remain hidden for days or weeks, and when they do become evident, you might not link them to the accident. A medical examination immediately after the incident will ensure that treatment of injuries can start immediately, and it will also provide documented proof in the event of a subsequent civil lawsuit to pursue claims for financial relief.

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